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What Is A Clay Bar?

What Is A Clay Bar?

A popular question that is asked amongst car detailing hobbists is what is a clay bar and how to use a clay bar.

To find out more about clay bars, read our guide to learn how to achieve that contamination free finish that every car detailer desires.


What Is A Clay Bar?

A clay bar is exactly how it sounds. It is a clay-like substance that aims to eliminate contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. At Duel Auto Care, we will use the clay bar following the decontamination stage. The reason being is that the clay bar can remove contaminants that cannot be removed with chemical decontamination products alone.

That is not to say that the decontamination stage is void - it is still a necessary step toward maximising the best possible outcome for cleaning your vehicle. When it comes to using a clay bar, you can use it on the paint surface of your car as well as on glass and also your wheels. We recommend that you use the clay bar after you have finished the decontamination stage.


What Does A Clay Bar Do To Your Car?

Simply put, a clay bar is used to eliminate contaminants from your vehicle(s) paint. Arriving at the clay bar stage of cleaning your vehicle, you may have the notion that you are nearly finished with your clean. This is in fact the opposite as the shine of your vehicle can be rather deceiving.

The reason being is that there are still thousands of microscopic contaminants of different levels, some that can be seen or more often felt on the surface of the car as well as those that are microscopic or can not be seen with the naked eye. This is how a clay bar comes into effect.

Using a clay bar on the car paint will remove all of the built-up contaminants which will make the paint of your vehicle look as fresh as ever before. It will also make the paint of your car feel like glass.


Does A Clay Bar Make A Difference To Your Car?

If you are looking to use a clay bar for the first time, you will be stunned by the results. In order to merge the decontamination and clay bar stages together, we strongly recommend that you take a look at our decontamination kit.

This kit will serve as a great way to witness the difference a clay bar makes first-hand. Featured in this kit are the:

There is no required step as to which remover you should use first, however. The reason being is that the removers are the fallout remover and the blackjack tar remover. This is simply down to preference. The Decontamination kit is available in 500ml or 1-litre.


How To Use A Clay Bar?

Regarding how to use a clar bar, we recommend that you generously spray the clay with your lubricant and also the panel you are working on, for larger panels like the roof or bonnet it's advisable to break the panel down into sections, this way you won't miss any areas.

Begin by applying light to medium pressure on the clay and work in an up and down motion across the panel, ensuring the panel and the clay is well lubricated at all times.

When you start to notice the clay picking up contaminates, it's crucial that you regularly fold and kneed the piece to reveal a clean clay surface. Replace the whole piece when heavily contaminated, and you can no longer fold and see a clean clay surface.

Take a fresh piece and repeat the process until all paint surfaces have been treated. Our clay bars can be used with water as a lubricant. However, we strongly recommend that you add a splash of shampoo to the water. This way, you obtain more lubrication. A great choice for this is our extremely popular Bahama Blue - High Concentrated Shampoo.


A Summary Of What Is A Clay Bar?

In short, a clay bar is a fantastic substance that effectively removes contaminants from all exterior surfaces. Proving to be a necessary component to get the maximum results for your newly cleaned vehicle.

Be sure to check back for the latest tips and information that will help you to get the most out of washing your vehicle.