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Pre Wash & Snow Foam

At Duel Auto Care, we offer an extensive range of Pre Wash & Snow Foam products to choose from. Take a look at our pre-wash car cleaning products today to get the best clean possible with your vehicle(s).

The pre-wash stage is one of the most crucial stages of any car wash routine. This is because we abolish as much dirt and grime as possible on the surface of your vehicle without making any physical contact with the paint of your car. Doing so ensures minimal risk of inflicting any swirl marks or even scratches to your vehicle.

Without the pre-wash stage, you are missing out on a crucial component of the rest of your car cleaning process. Ignoring this car cleaning process means that during the shampoo stage with the two wash bucket method, all of the grime presents on the vehicle will be applied to our wash mitt and swirled and even scratching the surface of the vehicle.

One of the most important products for the pre-wash and snow foam stage for our professional detailers or enthusiasts is the snow foam lance. Our snow foam lance at Duel Auto Care generates a thick and effective foam that resides on the surface of your car surface - whilst breaking down the dirt and grime that will then be easily removed after a rinse using a pressure washer.

Our effective snow foam lance is also featured in our Wash & Gloss Kit. The Wash & Gloss Kit has been purposely designed to offer you the ultimate car cleaning solution providing an amazing glossy finish. Not only does this kit feature the snow foam lance, but it also comes with the Engage - pH Neutral Snow Foam, The Bahama Blue High Concentrated Shampoo as well as the Nitro Quick Detailer.

In addition, we also recommend the Snow Foam Lance Bottle & Lid. This 1-Litre snow foam lance bottle with screw lid top is made from durable PETG transparent plastic with the Duel Auto Care brand featuring prominently at the front.

Find the perfect Pre Wash & Snow Foam products for your vehicle(s) with Duel Auto Care today.

The Wash & Gloss Kit contains: Snow Foam Lance, Engage PH Neutral Snow Foam, Bahama Blue Shampoo and Nitro Quick Detailer
Duel Snow Foam Lance quick release adapters
The Wash & Gloss Kit
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