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Pre Wash & Snow Foam

Pre Wash & Snow Foam - The pre-wash stage is probably the most crucial stage of any wash routine, as we look to eradicate as much of the surface dirt and grime as possible with the correct choice of chemicals before we make any physical contact with the paint surface. This ensures a minimised risk of inflicting any swirl marks or scratches. The use of a dedicated snow foam lance is essential for any snow foam product; the snow foam lance creates a thick foam that dwells on the vehicle surface breaking down dirt and grime that will then be easily removed with a pressure rinse.

The Wash & Gloss Kit contains: Snow Foam Lance, Engage PH Neutral Snow Foam, Bahama Blue Shampoo and Nitro Quick Detailer
Duel Snow Foam Lance quick release adapters
The Wash & Gloss Kit
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