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At Duel Auto Care, we provide the best sealants on the market. Take a look at what we have available to get started.

Car sealants serve the primary purpose of protecting the clean painted surface with additional products that can then be layered above the sealants to add a varied amount of desired finishes by adding other hydrophobic properties or gloss enhancers.

One of the products car sealants that we recommend for protecting your car is the Flex Polymer Spray Sealant. Flex is a polymer sealant that is constructed from reactive polymers and is applied using a snow foam lance. Providing maximum performance, ease of use and exceptional results.

Flex provides a deep, glossy finish with the added benefits of a hydrophobic coating that will display both water sheeting and beading. This highly durable water repellent finish will protect your paintwork and glass for a solid 6-8 weeks on a well-maintained vehicle. The Flex has also been reviewed by Auto Magazine which obtained a 5-star rating.

Another car sealant that we recommend is the Oxide Quick Detailer Hybrid. This hybrid can be used as a short but effective spray sealant, which is achieved per single application.

Find the perfect sealants products for your vehicle(s) with Duel Auto Care today.