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At Duel Auto Care, we host a wide range of car wax products that we have available. Proper car care is crucial for car owners, Therefore, applying wax to your car is a crucial component. Applying a layer of wax to your vehicle is, without a doubt, one of the most satisfying processes in detailing and car care.

Our hand-poured waxes offer both superb gloss to your paintwork and also strong durability to lock-in that protection and shine for even longer. For instance, our Element Hybrid Wax is a delectable combination of natural waxes that are complemented by synthetic additives to provide a durable, gorgeous gloss.

The Element Hybrid Wax will provide a show wax finish with the additional benefits of a conservative Three to Four Months and & durability, resistance to detergents and fantastic hydrophobic properties thanks to the synthetic additives in the wax blend. Resulting in the best of both worlds in terms of finish and durability.

The blend contains natural waxes such as prime yellow T1 Carnauba - the purest grade available along with synthetic additives. These additives provide rub resistance and filling properties - resulting in the ‘Hybrid’ wax as it is a combination of both.

Find the perfect car wax products for your vehicle(s) with Duel Auto Care today.

Element Hybrid wax kit
Element Hybrid wax in metal tin
Element Hybrid Wax Kit
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