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Fallout Remover

At Duel Auto Care, we provide one of the best fallout removers on the market. Take a look at what we have available to get started.

Fallout refers to particles of iron that is derived from various sources such as airborne particles from Ironworking factories, railways and most commonly brake dust. These particles bond to the vehicle or wheel surface.

These can easily be removed with the use of dedicated reactive fallout remover chemicals. One such product is the Toxin-Iron Fallout Remover. Our Toxin Iron Fallout Remover offers superior iron and fallout removal for every vehicle surface. Toxin effectively secures and removes iron particles and contaminants.

The Toxin Iron Fallout Remover is safe on all surfaces and will not damage any rubber seals or glass surfaces - providing some great results.

This is a fast-acting, gel-based formulation with long dwell times. You know this is taking effect as it will turn purple upon reaction, removing all iron deposits. It is also completely safe on all vehicle exterior surfaces. However, do not allow the Toxin fallout remover to dry on any surface.

In order to effectively use the Toxin Iron Fallout Remover, spray the Toxin onto the vehicle and/or wheel surface. Afterwards, use a Duel wheel cleaning brush should the wheels be heavily contaminated. Following this, rinse off with a pressure washer to reveal a contaminate free surface.

Find the perfect fallout remover products for your vehicle(s) with Duel Auto Care today.