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Wheel Cleaner

At Duel Auto Care, we offer an extensive range of wheel cleaner products for your vehicle. Take a look at our wheel cleaning products today to get the best cleaning experience possible with your vehicle(s).

No detail is ever fully complete without four spotlessly clean alloy wheels. Our alloy wheel cleaners at Duel Auto Care ensure such a thing. These wheel cleaner products allow you to clean and maintain your wheels to the highest possible level.

Our Duel range of acid-free wheel cleaners, tyre wall cleaners and dressings means that all of your bases are covered. Offering the correct products for decontaminating your wheel surfaces. The Fallout Remover is another product that offers superior iron and fallout removal for every vehicle surface. This Fallout Remover is perfectly safe on all surfaces and will not inflict damage to any rubber seals or glass surfaces.

The Axis-Acid free wheel cleaner. The Axis-Acid free wheel cleaner boasts a blend of strong cleaning and foaming agents coupled with chemical compounds that bind to and dissolve brake dust and road grime on the surface of the wheel. Axis can be used at a dilution of up to 1:20. Providing a great value for money.

We also recommend the Toxin is perfectly safe on all surfaces and will not cause any damage to rubber seals or glass surfaces. This is a fast-acting, gel-based formula with long dwell times. In order to get the best use of the Toxin-Iron Fallout Remover, we recommend that you first spray Toxin onto the vehicle and or wheel surface. Afterwards, use a Duel wheel cleaning brush should the wheels be heavily contaminated. Following this, rinse off with a Pressure Washer to reveal the contaminant-free surface.

The popular wheel cleaner is perfectly safe for use with all clear coated wheel finishes, we do recommend testing on an inconspicuous area with bare metal or polished alloys. In order to use the Axis-Acid free wheel cleaner to its best effect, we recommend that you first spray onto the wheel surface ensuring good coverage - whilst leaving 2-3 minutes for dwell time. Afterwards, we recommend that you use a Duel wheel cleaning brush if it is heavily soiled. Finally, rinse off with a Pressure Washer.

Find the perfect wheel cleaning products for your vehicle(s) with Duel Auto Care today.