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Buckets & Grit Guards

Buckets and Grit Guards are key accessories for every detailer; whether you undertake a 2 Bucket Safe wash or even 3 ( Wash, Rinse and Wheels), Duel Autocare has you covered. The 2 bucket method will ensure you limit the introduction of swirls and scratches to the paintwork, giving you a superior finish. Bahama Blue - HIGH CONCENTRATED SHAMPOO is your perfect partner, giving you incredible suds, Superslick lubricants and Anti maring properties.
Duel Rinse bucket with Grit Guard
Duel Rinse bucket
Duel Rinse Bucket
From £14.00
Duel Wash bucket with Grit Guard
Duel Wash bucket
Duel Wash Bucket
From £14.00
Duel Wheels bucket with Grit Guard
Duel Wheels bucket
Duel Wheels Bucket
From £14.00
Grit Guard 2
Grit Guard top view
Grit Guard