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Everything You Need To Know About Car Detailing Spray

Everything You Need To Know About Car Detailing Spray

Car detailing sprays are one of the most popular types of products you can find in the car detailing world. Whether you are a car detailing enthusiast or a new driver on the road who is looking to get the best results regarding cleaning their new vehicle - you cannot go wrong with car detailing sprays. The reason being is that car detailing sprays are versatile products that can be used in several different scenarios and can often leave quite an impressive finish to your paintwork with very little effort at all.

One of the only problems that you will find with quick detailers is the amount of choice that is available when it comes to purchasing. The options are endless and it can be fairly confusing most of the time. Especially for newer car owners who are new to the world of car detailing.

In this post, we will provide a comprehensive breakdown regarding everything you need to know about car detailing sprays. As stated before, there are a plethora of different types of quick detailers available - some of which serve a specific purpose and are better suited than others.

However, for those that might not be entirely familiar with car detailing sprays - let us explain:

What Is A Car Detailing Spray?

Giving your car a weekly wash can often be a chore as it is a rather time-consuming task to undergo. Despite the hassle of washing your car every week, one thing that drivers dislike even more is their vehicle being dirty.

Car detailing spray (otherwise known as a quick detailer or QD for short) drastically reduces the overall time it takes to clean your car. Time isn’t the only benefactor, however, as they also reduce the effects of harmful elements such as grime or dirt whilst also keeping your car looking as good as when you first obtained it.

In order to use your car detailing spray for your car interior, take a microfibre cloth and apply a few sprays of your detailer. Once applied, begin wiping down the dashboard of your vehicle along with your console, seats and door panels.

Should you have any concerns about your vehicle being too dirty, we suggest that you opt to wash your car instead by using the correct two bucket wash method. At Duel Auto Care, not only do we offer said car rinse and wash buckets - but we also host an amazing car shampoo that will assist you. 

The Bahama Blue - High Concentrated Shampoo is a fantastic car shampoo which boasts super slick lubricants, incredible suds as well as anti-maring properties whilst being topped off by an incredible scent. Leaving an unparalleled result to your car in comparison to others on the market.

Can You Use The Detailing Spray On A Dirty Car?

As highlighted above, depending on the condition of your vehicle in regards to dirt - you might want to consider washing your car instead of using a quick detailer. To get the best results for your quick detailer, a car detailing spray is best used after your vehicle has been washed and dried, providing the final touches to your vehicle after you have finished waxing your car.

However, this can be assessed on a case by case basis of course, should you feel as if your car is clean enough to use a quick detailer - we suggest that you go for it.

How Long Does The Spray Last On Your Car?

Car detailing sprays are designed to add an additional level of protection to the finish of your car. In regards to how long does the spray last on your car, a good detailing spray can last between 1-4 weeks. For instance, the quick detailers that we have at Duel Auto Care are an excellent choice.

The Nitro-Quick Detailer serves as an extremely quick way to add exceptional shine and gloss to any vehicle’s paintwork. As well as offering a great depth of colour. Resulting in the Nitro - Quick Detailer as the perfect go-to for your final wipe down after a detail.

We also offer the Oxide-Quick Detailer Hybrid. The reason this is a hybrid detailer is due to its amazing combination of gloss coupled with an unprecedented level of protection - all while using a single application. Unlike most detailing sprays on the market, this lasts for an incredibly durable 6-8 weeks whilst being able to be applied on all painted surfaces and wheels. If you are a car detailing enthusiast of someone who has only recently got their first car - we cannot recommend adding the Oxide - Quick Detailer Hybrid to your car cleaning repertoire enough.

To Summarise:

In short, car detailing sprays serves as an amazing way to drastically reduce the time it takes to clean your vehicle. Providing excellent protection for 6-8 weeks from Oxide Quick Detailer Hybrid specifically. Should you want to finish cleaning your car with the perfect detailer, look no further than the selection we have available at Duel Auto Care.

Alternatively, if you are interested in getting the best results regarding the cleaning of your car, take a look at the various other guides that we have available. Additionally, take a look at the various collections that we host also. Each of these collections will provide you with the essential products relevant to that collection. 

Get a finish to your car found only on the showroom floor with our products at Duel Auto Care today.