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How to get the best carpet stripes when detailing your car

How to get the best carpet stripes when detailing your car

In the pursuit of a pristine car interior, one process stands out above the rest - the classic carpet stripe. Carpet striping or carpet art is one way to add that next level of detail to any interior space, or stand out from the rest of your competitors if you are a professional detailer.

Carpet striping, is a technique used by car detailers to enhance the appearance of a vehicle's carpeting. This process involves using a specialised  brush or tool to create thin, straight or different lines/patterns in the carpet fibres . There are many benefits to adding this process to your car interior cleaning routine, below are just a few examples:

Aesthetic Appeal : Carpet striping can enhance the overall look of a vehicle's interior. The straight lines add a touch of elegance and can make the interior look more refined and well-maintained.

Showroom Presentation : In the automotive detailing industry, attention to detail is crucial. Carpet striping is one of many techniques that detailers use to ensure a vehicle looks its best, whether for personal satisfaction or for showcasing in car shows.

Marketing and Differentiation : Detailers often use unique techniques like carpet striping as a way to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. Offering specialised services can attract customers looking for that extra level of care and customisation.

Photography and Marketing Materials : Especially for professional detailing businesses, having vehicles that stand out in photographs and marketing materials can be a significant advantage. Carpet striping can be a visual element that sets a vehicle apart.

There is one vital tool required to complete the process and that’s the Duel Autocare Pet Hair Remover. While often associated with pet hair removal, this versatile tool will also play a crucial role in achieving flawless carpet stripes. In this guide, we'll showcase how to utilise the power of the Duel Autocare Pet Hair Remover to create impeccable carpet stripes in your car.

What Will You Need:

Duel Autocare Pet Hair Remover : The star of the show, this tool's hardwearing, fine rubber bristles and ergonomic design make it perfect for precise striping.

Vacuum Cleaner : Another vital tool, you won’t  be able to carpet stripe a dirty floor mat so its important that we vacuum as part of our carpet cleaning process before we stripe.

Logic Interior All Purpose Cleaner : Yes, any APC (All Purpose Cleaner) will work but our version has many benefits such as incredible cleaning power, dilution rates and a fresh scent.

Patience and Attention to Detail : Once you have mastered the straight lines there are many more variations to take your stripes to the next level, some of these will require practice and patience. 

Let’s get down to it, how do we achieve those crisp, pristine carpet lines? 

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

Begin by thoroughly vacuuming the carpet surface. The Duel Pet Hair Remover will also come in handy here too, helping to pick up any possible hairs or lint from the carpet surface.

Step 2: Dampen The Carpet Surface

Spray a solution of All Purpose Cleaner onto the surface of the floor mat. This will serve a few different purposes, to dampen the surface meaning your vacuum can suck up the little pieces more efficiently, it will actually lightly clean the fibres of the floor mat resulting in a cleaner, more professional finish and the dampening of the surface will also mean you are able to achieve a clearer more definitive line in your carpet stripes.

Step 3: Time to stripe!

Inspect the carpet to ensure you have vacuumed and cleaned the surface to the best of your abilities. Plan out the layout of your carpet stripes with meticulous detail. Whether you're aiming for a classic single stripe or a custom pattern, give yourself an idea of what you are looking to achieve before you make a start.

For this example we are taking a look at the more classic single stripe pattern.

Begin with your Duel Pet Hair Remover on one edge of the carpet and push upwards until you reach the top of the carpet, once at the top roll the block over once and pull it back towards the bottom of the carpet, taking time to ensure the edge of the block runs parallel to edge of the stripe you have just created. 

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Repeat this up and down pattern until you reach the other side of the carpet. Once complete, inspect your work and make any final touches if needed. 

When you feel you have mastered the straight line technique have a go at something more adventurous, like the examples below. Don't forget to share your results with us on any of our social media channels, we love to see what crazy and imaginative patterns you have created!


With the Duel Autocare Pet Hair Remover as your trusted carpet stripe tool, creating impeccable carpet stripes in your car becomes a seamless process. It’s fine rubber bristles and ergonomic design ensure a  precise and flawless finish that's bound to impress.

A massive thank you goes to both Outkast Detailing and AB detail for supplying us with some of their carpet artwork.
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AB Detailing