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What kind of brushes should you use when washing a car?

Written by: Sam Fallows



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What kind of brushes should you use when washing a car?


A Comprehensive Exploration of Duel Autocares Detailing Brush Collection. Car care and detailing is not just about cleaning; it's a meticulous process that demands attention to detail and the correct set of tools. Among these tools, detailing brushes are essential companions in achieving perfection. From intricate interiors to stubborn exterior grime, these brushes ensure that every nook and cranny of your vehicle is spotless. This comprehensive guide to detailing brushes delves deep into Duel Autocare's detailing brush collection, enabling you to know what kind of brushes should you use when washing a car. It explores each product's unique features and applications and how they synergise with other detailing products from our range to elevate your car care routine to new heights.

Woolly Wheel Wand

The Woolly Wheel Wand is the ultimate indulgence for car care aficionados seeking a scratch-free solution to tackle those intricate nooks and crannies on delicately finished alloy wheels. Crafted with precision, it reaches effortlessly to the deepest recesses of the wheel barrel with its 45cm overall length, leaving no spot untouched.

Remarkably tender on painted, chrome, powder-coated, and polished surfaces thanks to its exceptionally plush material, ensuring reach and efficiency with every use. The Woolly Wheel Wand offers meticulous care to gloss black alloys, especially those notorious for being easily scratched or micro-marred when using the incorrect brush type. Pair it with Duel Autocares Axis Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner or, for really delicate finishes, Bahama Blue Shampoo for a thorough yet gentle clean that restores shine and removes brake dust, contaminants and road grime effectively and safely.

The Woolly Wheel Wand cleaning wheel spokes

Angled Wheel Wand

The ultimate companion to the Woolly Wheel Wand. Looking for a luxurious solution to tackle those tricky spots on alloy wheels, including the elusive areas behind wheel spokes? This is the brush for you. This innovative wand is gentle on various wheel finishes, including painted, chrome, powder-coated, and polished surfaces, all thanks to its super fluffy material.

Unlocking convenience and efficiency, the Angled Woolly Wheel Wand is designed to navigate tight spaces and corners effortlessly, ensuring no inch of your wheels goes untouched. Plus, with its durable construction, it's built to withstand rigorous use without compromising performance or quality.

For those who demand nothing but the best, consider pairing the Angled Woolly Wheel Wand with its counterpart, the Woolly Wheel Wand, to achieve the ultimate Wheel Wand combo! With both tools in your arsenal, you'll be equipped to tackle any wheel cleaning challenge with ease.

The Woolly Wheel Wand angled and normal to show difference

Standing at an impressive 47cm in length, the Mammoth Woolly Wheel Wand offers extended reach and enhanced manoeuvrability, making it the ideal companion for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Soft Detailing Brushes

Duel Autocares Soft Detailing Brushes are perfect for precisely tackling delicate surfaces. Whether cleaning interior components like vents, piano black surfaces, or exterior grilles, emblems, and wheels, these brushes offer soft synthetic bristles that ensure gentle, effective cleaning. Combine them with Duel Autocares All Purpose Cleaner Logic for versatile cleaning power that removes dirt, grease, and stains without damaging sensitive materials.

The Soft Detailing Brushes come supplied in a 2-pack, including a tiny brush (17cm) and one large brush (23cm). They are neatly packaged in a Duel-branded PVC ziplock bag for safe storage between uses and have been dubbed "The Soft One" for their gentle touch and precision. These meticulously crafted brushes have been designed for unparalleled delicacy on various surfaces.

"The Soft One" pairs perfectly with our Axis Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner for wheels and Logic Interior All Purpose Cleaner for interiors. With these brushes, you can bid farewell to worries about damaging gloss black alloys or piano black interior pieces—they provide a thorough clean without any risk of scratches or abrasions.

The brush handles are ergonomically designed with a rubberised grip to provide both comfort and precision to the user. Coupled with a durable construction, these brushes are designed to last without losing effectiveness.

Soft Detailing Brushes gently cleaning door sill

Stiff Detailing Brushes

The Stiff Detailing Brush 2-pack by Duel Autocare, also known as "The Stiff One", – is your ultimate solution for conquering challenging detailing tasks effortlessly. Engineered for both durability and power, these brushes are crafted to tackle the toughest of challenges, whether it's cleaning alloy wheels with our wheel cleaning essentials like Axis and Toxin or scrubbing engine bays and grimy interior areas like seat rails and door shuts with Nitty Gritty Pre Wash And Degreaser.

Crafted with robust materials and precision engineering, "The Stiff One" is designed to deliver peak performance in demanding situations. Whether combating stubborn dirt and grime on your wheels, engine bays and door shuts or delving into the intricate crevices of your car's interior, these brushes are more than up to the task. The sturdy, stiff bristle brushes come as a twin pack, featuring one small brush (17cm) and one large brush (23cm), neatly packaged in a Duel branded PVC ziplock bag for secure storage between uses.

Stiff Detailing Brush 2-pack being used to clean wheels

Tyre Cleaning Brush

Keeping your tyres clean is essential for maintaining your vehicle's appearance and maximising longevity from your chosen tyre dressing. As with any detailing task, selecting the correct tools is necessary. Duel Autocares Tyre Cleaning Brush is designed specifically for this task, with sturdy bristles that effectively remove grime and remnants of old tyre dressing brake dust and road grime. Pair it with Duel Autocares Cleanse Tyre Cleaner for a thorough cleaning that leaves your tyres looking new and ready for a fresh application of Profile Tyre & Trim Dressing.

General Purpose Microfibre cloth being used to wipe up Logic

EZ Detail Wheel Brush

The EZ Detail Wheel Brush is a specialised cleaning tool that makes wheel detailing effortless. Its unique design features soft, non-abrasive bristles that effectively remove dirt, brake dust, and other debris without scratching or damaging delicate wheel surfaces. Unlike traditional brushes, the EZ Detail Brush boasts a flexible stem and a slim profile, allowing it to easily reach deep into wheel barrels, behind spokes, and around brake callipers.

For a long time, the EZ Detail Wheel Brush has been the 'go-to' for detailers and car care enthusiasts worldwide thanks to its superb design, appearance and versatile usages.

The soft bristles of the EZ Detail Wheel Brush ensure thorough cleaning without causing scratches or swirl marks on your wheels. Whether you have painted, chrome, aluminium, or alloy wheels, this brush is safe on all surfaces.

EZ Detail Wheel Brush cleaning the detailed spokes

Thanks to its flexible stem and ergonomic handle, the EZ Detail Wheel Brush can access tight spaces that other brushes can't reach. No more struggling to clean between spokes or around intricate wheel designs – this brush does the job effortlessly.

Crafted from high-quality materials in the United States, the EZ Detail Wheel Brush is built to last. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for any car care enthusiast.

While the EZ Detail Wheel Brush is perfect for cleaning wheels, its versatility extends beyond wheel cleaning. It can also be used to clean motorcycle and bicycle rims, grilles, vents, engine bays and other hard-to-reach areas.

EZ Detail GO Brush

Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, the EZ Detail Go Brush is a must-have accessory for every car enthusiast and detailing professional. The EZ Detail Go Brush is the perfect companion to the EZ Detail Wheel Brush. Primarily used in the detailing world for brushing plastic and carpet wheel arch linings during a thorough wheel cleaning process, this EZ Go brush is perfect for reaching deep into the arches. Our recommended product to use with the EZ Detail Go Brush for this particular purpose is Nitty Gritty Pre Wash And Degreaser.

The brush measures up to 16" long and has a rigid plastic handle with a grip pattern. The 4" dome-shaped head is full of nylon and Nylex chemical-resistant memory bristles, meaning the bristles will not lose shape before, after, or during use.

EZ Go Brush cleaning the arch lining

EZ Detail Wheel Brush Mini

The EZ Detail Wheel Brush Mini is a smaller version of its counterpart, the EZ Detail Wheel Brush, designed for quickly reaching tight spots, particularly behind big calliper setups or tight spokes. Despite its compact size, it boasts the same soft bristles and flexible design, making it perfect for intricate wheel designs and delicate finishes. Just like its counterpart, the EZ Detail Wheel Brush Mini is also ideal for other uses such as, but not limited to, engine bays, motorbike and bicycle cleaning.

EZ Detail Wheel Brush Mini resting on BMW wheel


Detailing brushes are essential for achieving professional-grade car care and detailing results. With Duel Autocares detailing brush collection, you can confidently tackle any cleaning task, knowing you have the perfect tool for each and every job every job. Whether you're cleaning wheels, interior surfaces, or tyres, these brushes, when paired with complementary Duel Autocare products, ensure a thorough and effective detailing experience. So, invest in quality brushes, master your detailing techniques, and elevate your car care routine.