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Understanding the different types of microfibre and their uses

Written by: Lee Turner



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Introduction to Types of Microfibre

Car detailing is an art that demands precision, expertise, and, most importantly, the right tools. Premium microfibre products are amongst the list of tools that are pivotal in achieving immaculate results. In this guide, we'll help you understand the types of microfibre and explore the diverse range of premium microfibre products available from Duel Autocare, each designed to tackle specific detailing tasks with precision and efficiency. By understanding the different types of microfibre and their unique features and applications, you'll be equipped to take your car detailing experience to the next level.

Understanding The Uses Of Each Microfibre Product:

Premium microfibre products from Duel Autocare are engineered with precision and quality in mind, but which is the right product for you and your specific detailing needs? As detailers and car care enthusiasts, the detailing industry, coupled with the processes we take to achieve the best possible results, can often be confusing or contradicting, but we're here to help. Let's delve into the types of microfibre products' key features and applications so you can decide on the correct type of microfibre products to reach for the next time you are in full detailing flow.

BUFF Microfibre Cloths Twin Pack

These cloths are perfect for various detailing tasks, from wiping down surfaces to buffing away wax residue once cured, as well as cream sealants. The BUFF Microfibre Cloths Twin Pack ensures a streak and scratch-free finish on every interior and exterior surface with its plush texture and excellent absorbency. Complete with seamless and edgeless construction, rest assured that these cloths have a scratch-free finish. These super-soft cloths are safe to use on all interior or exterior surfaces.

Spec: Size 40x40cm GSM 550

USE WITH: dddd

Buff Microfibre Cloths Twin Pack with Nitro Quick Detailer

Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloth

The Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloth is designed to clean delicate surfaces gently yet effectively. Its ultra-soft coral fleece texture makes it ideal for polishing and buffing, while its absorbent properties ensure quick and efficient drying, making it a real all-rounder. Whether you're detailing the interior or exterior of your car, the Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloth delivers exceptional results without causing scratches or swirl marks. These Microfibre Cloths are manufactured from a soft, luxurious, thick and lint-free pile. Coral Fleece is popular due to its incredible absorbency properties. Because they are naturally more absorbent than other plush microfibre cloths, like the BUFF Twin Pack, they are perfect for any 'wet' finishing work, such as applying and removing quick detailers and spray waxes like Oxide Hybrid Detailer or Nitro Quick Detailer. Not only are they suitable for exterior work, but these cloths are also perfect for interior detailing sprays, just like Satin.

Due to the deep pile and soft fibres, these cloths are gentle on even the most delicate interior trim and will not leave scratches or marring.

Spec: Size 40x40cm GSM 500

USE WITH: Oxide Hybrid Detailer or Nitro Quick Detailer

Coral Fleece Microfibre cloth being using with Oxide Quick Detailer

Duel Triple Twisted Loop Drying Towel

Is it time to dry the vehicle? This is the only microfibre product you should reach for. Say goodbye to water spots and streaks with the Duel Triple Twisted Loop Drying Towel. This drying towel is constructed from a triple-twisted loop microfibre formation, maximising absorbency and reducing drying time. The Microfibre is a blend of 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide, meaning it's incredibly absorbent but still lovely and soft, so there are no concerns with micro scratching any painted finish. The Twisted Loop design makes it the best choice for drying any vehicle. Its large size and ultra-soft texture make it perfect for drying vehicles quickly and efficiently, leaving behind a flawless finish.

Spec: Size 60x40cm / 50x80cm GSM 1400

Duel Triple Twisted Loop Drying Towel drying roof

General Purpose Microfibre Cloth

The General Purpose Microfibre Cloth is a versatile tool perfect for various detailing tasks, a real workhorse. Now, these cloths should be reserved not so much for the finer details but more for hard-hitting jobs such as engine bays, door shuts, hard surface interior cleaning, and anywhere you don't mind your cloths taking a little bit of abuse! No matter the task, this cloth delivers strength, performance and durability. The cloths are supplied in singles or packs of ten. We recommend a pack of ten as the tasks most suited to this cloth often require multiple cloths for you to work efficiently.

Spec: Size 40x40cm GSM 280

General Purpose Microfibre cloth being used to wipe up Logic

Interior Scrubbing Pad

Interior Scrubbing pads are the one detailing tool you'll use and think, "How did I work without this previously"?

This microfibre pad features a nylon bristle surface that effectively loosens and lifts dirt without damaging delicate materials and features a handy microfibre reverse side so that the surface can be wiped clean after some attention from the nylon bristle side, which is used to scrub the surface gently. Use it with your favourite interior cleaner, Logic, to restore upholstery, carpets, and trim to like-new condition. We have two versions of the Interior Scrubbing Pad; the other is our Finger Scrub mitt, which we explain below. The Interior Scrubbing Pad is suited more to more extensive, flatter surface areas. In contrast, the Finger Scrub Mitt is the perfect tool for the vehicle interior's more intricate or hard-to-reach areas.

Spec: Size 13x8cm

USE WITH: Logic - All Purpose Interior Cleaner

Interior Scrubbing pad cleaning a door sill

Finger Scrub Mitts

Introducing the Finger Scrub Mitt, the innovative solution for meticulous interior cleaning. Its unique design features a contoured shape that effortlessly fits over your fingers, providing a comfortable and secure grip while ensuring maximum control and precision when tackling the hard-to-reach areas of any vehicle's interior.

Like the Interior Scrubbing Pad, the reverse of the Finger Scrub Mitt is made from soft Microfibre. It also doubles as a cloth to wipe away any excess product after completing the cleaning task. Logic Interior All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect choice for all interior cleaning tasks; combined with the Finger Scrub Mitt, it makes for the ultimate car interior cleaning combination.

Each pack of Finger Scrub Mitts comes with two pads. Their compact size allows you to easily navigate tight spaces, ensuring every nook and cranny receives the attention it deserves.

Spec:Size 11x12cm

USE WITH: Logic - All Purpose Interior Cleaner

Finger Scrub Mitt being used to wipe door sill

Microfibre Wash Mitt

The Microfibre Wash Mitt makes washing your car a breeze. Its plush microfibre body gently lifts dirt and grime from the surface when combined with Bahama Blue Shampoo, while its inner lining provides a comfortable and secure grip. With its scratch-free design, the Microfibre Wash Mitt ensures a thorough and safe cleaning experience and should be the only microfibre product you should reach for when you come to the critical contact wash.

Spec: Size 20x26cm 

Microfibre Wash Mitt washing a car bonnet

Plush Microfibre Wheel Mitt

The Plush Microfibre Wheel Mitt features a dense yet plush microfibre design that removes brake dust, dirt, and grime from wheel surfaces when used in conjunction with our wheel cleaning products, such as Axis Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner.

The purpose of the Plush Microfibre Wheel Mitt is to safely and efficiently reach areas of the wheel that previously wouldn't have been possible with a conventional wheel cleaning tool. The Mitt allows us access to places that would often go uncleaned, even if unseen, such as behind the spokes of the alloys. Once the Plush Microfibre Wheel Mitt has been used for wheel cleaning, it should only be used in this area. Wheels are one of the dirtiest areas of the vehicle, and using the same Mitt on the paintwork, for example, would be a detailing faux pas.

Spec: Size 15x17cm

Plush Mircrofibre Wheel Mitt cleaning alloy wheels of a Mini

Utility Dual-Sided Microfibre Cloth

The Utility Dual-Sided Microfibre Cloth is a multi-functional tool perfect for tackling potentially tricky cleaning tasks. One side features a plush microfibre texture for gentle buffing, while the other boasts a short pile side, ideal for applying or spreading products around the panel. So, how do we use it and which products are best suited? Take either Oxide Hybrid Detailer or Nitro Quick Detailer and apply it to the panel; using the short pile side, spread the product around the panel, ensuring even coverage before flipping over to the plush side and buffing off. The Utility Cloth removes the need for two separate cloths when using finishing products.

Spec: Size 40x40cm GSM 400

USE WITH: Oxide Hybrid Detailer or Nitro Quick Detailer

Ultility Dual-sided Microfibre Cloth buffing off Oxide Quick Detailer

Window & Glass Cloth

The Window & Glass Cloth is the go-to microfibre cloth for cleaning windows and glass surfaces. Cleaning glass is often a detailers most hated process, but with the correct product and microfibre cloth, it can become a job you enjoy rather than despise.

This Window And Glass Microfibre Cloth features a smooth, lint-free design that ensures crystal-clear results with every use. Whether you're cleaning windows, mirrors, or windscreens, the Window & Glass Cloth delivers unmatched clarity when teamed up with Optical Glass Cleaner.

Will a regular microfibre cloth, like a General Purpose Microfibre Cloth, do the same job? Yes, but like any job, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing correctly, using the best possible tools at your disposal, and that's why using a dedicated Window and Glass Cloth for your glass cleaning tasks is essential.

Spec: Size 35x35cm GSM 260

USE WITH: Optical - Window & Glass Cleaner

Window & Glass Cloth wiping wing mirror


Premium Microfibre products from Duel Autocare are essential tools for achieving professional-grade results in car detailing. From cleaning and drying to polishing and buffing, these products are designed to meet car enthusiasts and professionals' diverse yet precise needs. That's why choosing the correct microfibre product for each task is essential. With this information, you can select the appropriate product, elevate your detailing experience, and achieve impeccable results that impress even the most discerning car enthusiasts.

We hope you have found this blog on understanding the types of Microfibre available at Duel Autocare useful.