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Can you wash your car in the sun?

Can you wash your car in the sun?

The summer heat is upon us, and as car enthusiasts, we understand the importance of keeping our vehicles looking their best. However, cleaning your car in hot weather can present some unique challenges. Worry not, as Duel Autocare is here with a set of invaluable tips to help you achieve a spotless shine whilst protecting you, and your ride from the sun's scorching rays. Join us as we delve into these expert tips and discover the exceptional Duel Autocare products that will keep your car gleaming all summer long! A question we often receive during the warmer periods is “Can you wash your car in the sun?” And our answer, Yes!, however take on board the points below to ensure a safe and effective car cleaning experience.

Choose the Right Time | Duel Autocare

Choose the Right Time

Timing is crucial when washing your car in hot weather. Opt for early mornings or late evenings when the temperature is cooler. This will help to prevent water spots and by avoiding the peak heat of the day, you'll have more control over the cleaning process and achieve better results.

Choose the Right Time| Duel Autocare

Work in the shade

It’s not always possible to work in the shade, but if you can find some then absolutely take advantage of the extra cover and cooler environment. If you are a mobile detailer then a fantastic investment is a purpose built pop up gazebo, just like these here from Rock Awnings. You might ordinarily think of a gazebo as a winter essential, to keep you sheltered from the rain, however they are just as useful in the hot periods, providing shade to you and the vehicle.

Breakdown the vehicle into more manageable chunks| Duel Autocare

Breakdown the vehicle into more manageable chunks

When washing your car with a dedicated car shampoo like our Bahama Blue, usually you would be more than comfortable washing the whole vehicle before returning to the starting point to wash away any remaining suds. However, when washing in hot weather, especially without shade it's important to reduce these workable spaces down into per panel sizes. This vastly reduces the chances of your shampoo drying on to the panel.Still using the Two Bucket Wash Method follow the same process but only working one vehicle panel at a time. Rinse and repeat the process until all of the vehicle is complete.

Avoid adding any wax or dry application protection products| Duel Autocare

Avoid adding any wax or dry application protection products

As much as we should be looking to add a layer of protection to our vehicles, there is a time and a place, and on a red hot day is definitely not one of those times!

Applying a wax or a cream sealant to a hot panel will cause you a headache when it comes to trying to buff off or remove the product. A wax will set like stone on a hot panel, AVOID!

Reduce the contact time between the product and the vehicle| Duel Autocare

Reduce the contact time between the product and the vehicle

When applying products which require a dwell or contact time with the vehicle, such as pre wash, snow foams and our award winning Flex Polymer Sealant do not allow the usual amount of dwell time, shorten this to avoid any chance of a product drying onto the cars surface.

Get it dry, pronto!| Duel Autocare

Get it dry, pronto!

After the wash process, dry the vehicle as quickly as possible, especially if you are unable to locate shade and are exposed to direct sun. This will reduce the chance of water spotting which will ruin the finish of your freshly washed vehicle.Using a high quality drying towel like the Duel Triple Twisted Loop Drying Towel will speed up and make the drying princess much easier.

Ask yourself, do I REALLY need to clean my car when it's hot outside?| Duel Autocare

Ask yourself, do I REALLY need to clean my car when it's hot outside?

Can it wait until the temperature drops? If so, save yourself the extra effort and keep cool with a cold drink and enjoy the weather without exerting yourself.

If it is essential to clean the car then remember to keep hydrated, wear sun cream, a cap and remember the points above to ensure you, and your vehicle are as safe as possible.

Conclusion | Duel Autocare


If cleaning your car in hot weather is essential, it doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following these top tips and utilising Duel Autocare's exceptional range of products, you can achieve a sparkling clean and well-protected ride throughout the summer. Remember to choose the right time, the right process and don't forget Duel Autocare is here to support you in maintaining the pristine appearance of your car while safeguarding it from the sun's harsh effects. So, grab your favourite Duel Autocare products and enjoy a summer filled with shiny cars!