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Whats the difference between Assault and Engage?

Whats the difference between Assault and Engage?

Duel Autocare are consistently asked 3 common questions when it comes to selecting which of our two snow foam products are best for their requirements.


    1. What's the difference?
    2. What does one do that the other doesn't?
    3. Which one is best for me and my car?

The pre-wash stage is probably the most crucial stage of any wash routine, as we look to eradicate as much of the surface dirt and grime as possible before moving onto the contact wash stage, so it's essential to choose the correct snow foam product for you and your vehicle. Whether a car, motorbike or motorhome, pre-washing your vehicle is the most vital part of any wash routine. Overlook this step at your peril! The pre-wash stage has a significant effect on the rest of your wash process and the results that you will achieve. It's essential to understand the importance of this pre-wash process and why we go through the trouble of completing it before we begin our contact wash.

The pre-wash stage essentially is the point at which we look to remove as much dirt and grime as possible from the vehicle's exterior surfaces with the use of chemical products and pressured water only. We do this without making any physical contact with any of the vehicle's exterior surfaces. If we skipped or looked past this pre-wash process and immediately began our contact wash, all of the grime present on the vehicle would be picked up by our wash mitt and swirled and scratched across the vehicle causing damage both physically and visually. As car care enthusiasts we strive for that perfect finish, you certainly won't help your cause by skipping this step.

So, let's take a look at the products within the Duel Autocare range that we use for this pre-wash process. Nitty Gritty, Assault Pre-Wash Snow Foam & Engage pH Neutral Snow Foam. For the purpose of this exercise, we are only interested directly in both Assault and Engage as our Snow Foam choices.

Assault is an alkaline formulation making it the more robust cleaner of the two options. Assault is formulated with high-intensity cleaning power and long dwell times in mind and is the perfect snow foam for cars with heavier road grime and dirt. The winter months are a perfect example of wet weather and road salt needing that little extra oomph to remove safely. Another example is vehicles that don't have any kind of heavy protection, a ceramic coating for example, meaning these contaminates and grime bond more strongly to the surface meaning they require a heavier clean to remove. This isn't to say that Assault can't be used on ceramic coating vehicles, in fact, quite the opposite. Assault is fantastic at deep cleaning or unclogging the pores of your ceramic coating, so just when you think the coating is beginning to fail try Assault you might just be surprised!

Engage is a much gentler cleaner being pH neutral and is more suited to a vehicle maintained regularly, resulting in a car that requires a softer approach to cleaning. Being pH neutral, Engage is the perfect snow foam to maintain ceramic coatings and if you have a wax or synthetic coating on the vehicle without fear of stripping back or removing any of your protective layers.

In short, we could say that Engage snow foam is the perfect choice for maintenance washes or between heavy-duty cleaning and Assault for dirtier vehicles or vehicles with more stubborn road film, which is usually the case through the winter.