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Is Iron Fallout Remover Necessary?

Is Iron Fallout Remover Necessary

If you are a car detailing enthusiast, you may have heard about iron removers. Although, this is something that regular car owners may not be aware of.

With this in mind, people have asked if an iron fallout remover is necessary? Keep reading below to find out more. Although, if you are unsure as to what an iron fallout remover is, let us explain:

What Is An Iron Fallout Remover?

As the name may suggest, an iron remover aims to dissolve iron contamination from the surface of your car. You know that the fallout remover is working due to the remover turning purple upon reacting with the contamination.

An iron fallout remover should be utilised during the decontamination stage of your car detailing. As highlighted in previous guides prior - there are several stages regarding your car detailing - some of these are the pre-wash stage, the washing stage and the decontamination stage.

With this in mind, it is also worth noting that there are two types of decontamination. These are both the chemical and physical stages of car decontamination. Out of these two stages, iron remover(s) fall into the chemical decontamination stage.

The reason being is that physical decontamination will involve either a clay bar or a clay mitt.

The contaminants that you might find are things such as road tar, tree as well as bird mess. All of which will bind themselves to the paint of your vehicle, and over a prolonged period of time, these can become even harder to remove with a normal wash.

Implementing an iron fallout remover to your decontamination stage can provide a rewarding outcome while you are detailing your car. Although, how often should you use it? Much like the clay bar that we spoke of prior, you should only opt to use an iron remover when you deem it necessary.

Should you live in an area with a lot of iron fallout in the air, for instance near train tracks or if you park your car in an industrial area - then we suggest that you should use this roughly once a month. In essence, you should always assess the condition of your vehicle and make that judgement yourself as it is very much a case-by-case basis.

How Often Should You Use An Iron Fallout Remover?

Despite touching upon this above, allow us to elaborate further. The need to use your iron fallout remover will ultimately depend on how your car is treated. Although, should you treat your car extremely well, there can still be some circumstances that are out of your control.

For instance, if you are parked near a railway station for example or even if your brake pads expel a fair amount of dust - it is in these moments that you should opt to clean your car more frequently.

Another such example where you should use an iron fallout remover comes before applying a ceramic coating to your car. Should you wish to apply a ceramic coating, you will need to make sure that your car is as clean as possible, which will result in you need to take some extra measures to ensure that this is viable. This is made possible by the iron remover guaranteeing that there are no hidden contaminants stuck to the paint of your surface.

To take this a step further, to get even better results, we suggest that you implement a clay bar for the physical decontamination stage.

Is Iron Fallout Remover Necessary?

Is Iron Fallout Remover necessary for cleaning your car? Naturally, there is an element of subjectivity to this - although we believe that this serves as a pivotal step toward decontaminating the paintwork of your vehicle.

As stated above, there is another process for the decontamination stage, this being physical via the use of a clay bar. However, it is always great having the best of both worlds knowing that you have covered every aspect of the decontamination stage.

With this being said, we don’t believe that you need to use an iron fallout remover as frequently as you would with a clay bar. This is subject to personal situations, however. As stated above, people’s differing situations may cause the need to use an iron fallout remover more frequently than others.

The main area of your car that you will most likely need to use an iron fallout remover is your vehicle’s alloys. Although, if you are going to use an Iron Fallout Remover, you should have the best product on the market.

How Can Iron Particles Damage Your Car?

Microscopic contaminants can often be known as nanoparticles, iron particles also fall into this category. This means that should you leave the cleanliness of your car unattended for a large amount of time, you start to visibly see the buildup as opposed to it not being visible previously. As this build-up happens, you may start to discover that they are in fact scratching your vehicle.

The scratching of the vehicle is made possible due to the fact that iron particles are actually metal shavings - but on a microscopic level. The metal shavings coupled with the buildup over time - are what causes the buildup of iron to damage your vehicle by scratching it.

Hence why it is important to always take a mental note of your surroundings as where you decide to park your car may also contribute to the build-up of iron particles - particularly if you are parked by a train station.

You also need to consider the conditions of your brake pads as this can contribute to a build-up of iron.

Can Iron Fallout Remover Damage Your Paintwork?

Regardless of how often you decide to use your fallout remover, you can rest assured that this will not damage your paintwork. However, if you decide to use your fallout remover without carrying out the finishing process, it can dampen the potency of the finish (we will expand this further below).

The Fallout Remover that we provide at Duel Auto Care is a carefully crafted solution that is perfectly safe on all surfaces of your vehicle’s exterior. It is a guarantee that your paintwork will not be damaged while using it.

Can A Fallout Remover Effect The Finishing Stage?

In regards to whether a fallout remover can have a detrimental effect on your finishing stage - there are some considerations that you should contemplate. The most notable thing is to consider how frequently you are potentially using the fallout remover. For instance, if you wax your car, you may find that frequently using your fallout remover can lessen the overall effectiveness of your car finish.

Therefore, we recommend that you use your fallout remover whilst undergoing a full car detailing process. That way, you can save applying your car wax until the end in order to retain that showroom-level shine.

The Toxin-Iron Fallout Remover:

At Duel Auto Care, we provide one of the most powerful options on the market. Introducing the Toxin-Iron Fallout Remover. This produces superior iron and fallout removal results across any vehicle surface.

This is made possible by the Toxin securely removing all of the iron particles and contaminants whilst also turning the characteristic purple colour. This is especially gratifying as this will serve as the indication that it is working correctly.

This is a super fast-acting gel-based formula that boasts long dwell times. However, you should not allow the Toxin to dry on any surface. Therefore, we recommend that you be cognisant whilst cleaning your car during the summer.

Alternatively, you can opt for our amazing Car Decontamination Kit. This ensures that you have everything that you need regarding decontaminating your car. This decontamination kit features the aforementioned Toxin-Iron Fallout Remover, The BlackJack-Tar & Glue Remover and the Erase-Clay Bar. This is available in both 500ml and 1 litre.

What Cleaning Stage Is A Fallout Remover Needed?

In regards to what stage you should use your fallout remover, this should come during the decontamination stage after you have washed your car. In order to get the best results for cleaning your car, you will need to undergo the following steps:

First comes the pre-wash stage, which involves using a pre-wash snow foam solution along with a snow foam lance. A pre-wash helps to break down oil and grease whilst powering through thick grime and contamination. To rinse off the pre-wash solution you can use a pressure washer.

After you have completed the pre-wash stage comes the car shampoo and wash stage. This involves using a dedicated car shampoo which ensures the best results for your vehicle. This can be improved even more should you implement the two-wash bucket method which will mean that you use a dedicated wash and rinse bucket.

After this, comes the decontamination stage which will involve using a fallout remover and a clay bar to remove any contaminants from your vehicle. Lastly comes the finishing stage - this involves applying a quick detailer, tyre & trim dressing and window & glass cleaners for your glass.

You can also add a car wax to add an extra layer of protection and glisten to your vehicle.

How Do You Know If A Fallout Remover Has Worked?

The task of a fallout remover is to remove the bond between harmful particles found on your vehicle’s paintwork or other surfaces that these contaminants have fallen on. Simply put, using anything other than decontamination products for your car (such as car shampoo) will not work. You need to make sure that you are using a dedicated iron fallout remover.

Undergoing the decontamination process with an iron fallout remover, you will see that the product will turn the characteristic purple colour once applied. This is a good sign as the purple colour will serve as a visual indication that it is taking effect by removing the iron particles around your vehicle's surface.

Afterwards, you only need to rinse it off to see the positive effect it has on your car.


Those are our thoughts regarding whether iron fallout remover is necessary. It serves as a mandatory product should you opt to implement chemical decontamination to enhance the physical decontamination process.

For more information, take a look at our other guides as we frequently post new updates regarding various topics. If you are new to car detailing or a new car owner in general - take a look at our guide concerning how often should you wash your car. Or our post regarding how to safely decontaminate your car.

Obtain a showroom-level finish with our vast array of car cleaning and decontaminating products with Duel Auto Care today.