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Does Car Waxing Remove Scratches?

Does Car Waxing Remove Scratches

Discovering scratches on your vehicle, whether they are deep scratches or minor scratches is always a heart-sinking discovery and an experience that every driver dreads to see. With this in mind, the car detailing world is fond of waxing their cars as once applied, the car wax implements an extra layer of protection for your car. But does car waxing remove scratches? Keep reading below to find out.

Does Car Waxing Remove Scratches?

As stated above, car waxing your vehicle provides an extra layer of protection whilst also incorporating a professional-looking finish with a deep shine that looks unrivalled than if you opt not to wax your car after the initial wash. However, regarding the possibility of car wax removing scratches - this is where the bad news comes in.

Removing scratches with car wax does not actually work, the simple reason being is that car wax is not to remedy scratches - rather than provide an extra layer of shine. Although you might notice that already existing scratches, especially minor scratches can disguise the visual damage - but they cannot be used to repair damages.

To reaffirm, car wax should not be used to remedy scratches in your paintwork. Unlike car polish which can remove a minuscule amount of paint with the purpose of minimising light scratches. This is due to the fact that car polish will contain solvents.

Can Car Wax Remove Light Scratches?

By using car wax on your car, the clear-coat layer of the paint will be masked by incorporating an even coat of wax, which in short can mask the scratch but will not eradicate the scratch entirely - only make it less noticeable.

Therefore, it is important to note that car wax cannot remove light scratches found on your vehicle. Should you want to remove scratches completely you will need to use a product that features an abrasive material. Unfortunately, car wax is not such abrasive and as a result, cannot level the paint required. Hence why it can only hide the scratches rather than remedy the damage completely.

It is with this in mind that micro-scratches (swirls) for example can be addressed with a layer of car wax. Although it may still only be disguised so for swirls, this may work but only on a case-by-case basis.

What Are The Best Car Wax Products On The Market?

At Duel Auto Care, we host a wide range of car wax products that will serve as the perfect finish for your vehicle(s). We are incredibly proud of our hand-poured waxes coupled with a fantastic gloss finish to your paintwork as well as strong durability in which you can rest easy.

A perfect example of this is our Element Hybrid Wax. This car wax serves a great combination of natural waxes and shines for a prolonged period of time - more so than other options available elsewhere. This Hybrid Wax provides a showroom level that boasts a conservative three to four months of durability, resistance to detergents, and amazing hydrophobic properties due to synthetic additives featured within the wax blend.

We also suggest the Duel Panel Prep - Panel Wipe. The Panel Prep - Panel Wipe is designed to remove all traces of oils and even polish residues to allow you to prepare for applying your car wax as well as sealants or coatings.

This Panel Prep is a residue-free surface which will provide for a maximum bond to your chosen product which will result in enhanced performance and durability from your chosen wax, sealant or coating.

In order to use the Panel Prep - Panel Wipe, you will need to first spray directly onto the surface of the vehicle whilst working with one panel at a time. You should also spread the Panel Prep evenly across the surface - this can be done by using a Buff Coral Fleece Microfibre Cloth. Once you are satisfied with the application, flip your microfibre cloth and buff it on until you achieve a streak-free finish.

You can also opt for an Element Hybrid Wax Kit which includes the Element Hybrid Wax, the Panel Prep Panel Wipe, the Fleece Microfibre Cloth as well as a Wax Applicator Disc.


Those are our thoughts regarding does car waxing remove scratches. Should you require more information or tips, why not browse our latest guides. These guides have been specially created to cater to new car owners or car enthusiasts alike.