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Duel Autocare Launches Innovative Finger Scrub Mitt

New Duel Autocare Finger Scrub Mitt

Introducing Duel Autocare's Finger Scrub Mitt

Duel Autocare proudly presents our latest innovation: the Finger Scrub Mitt. This revolutionary tool is set to redefine interior car cleaning, offering a level of precision and efficiency that is unmatched in the market.

Finger Scrub Pad being used in various locations

"Unlike bulky brushes or awkward-shaped tools, effortlessly manoeuvre around tight areas such as door handles, vents, and seat rails."

Developed as an evolution of the popular Interior Scrubbing Pad, the Finger Scrub Mitt has been meticulously designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring maximum control during interior detailing sessions. Its contoured shape effortlessly fits over fingers, offering a new level of confidence in precision.

The Finger Scrub Mitt is not just a one-trick pony. It's a versatile tool that can handle various interior cleaning tasks, from tackling stubborn stains on upholstery to removing dirt from carpets, vinyl, or plastic. Its high-quality, durable construction ensures it can handle any job thrown in its direction, providing a reassuring solution for all your interior cleaning needs.Additionally, the reverse side of the mitt is made from soft microfibre material. It doubles as a cloth for wiping away any excess product after cleaning, ensuring a pristine finish every time. This saves you money on extra microfibre cloths. They are also reusable and can be cleaned after use, ready to be used repeatedly. Paired with Duel Autocare's Logic Interior All-Purpose Cleaner, the Finger Scrub Mitt promises exceptional results. 

Each pack of Finger Scrub Mitts includes two pads,furthermore, the mitts compact size enables effortless navigation of tight spaces, ensuring every nook and cranny of the vehicle receives the attention it deserves.

"We're thrilled to introduce the Finger Scrub Mitt to our customers," said Sam and Lee, founders of Duel Autocare.

Finger Scrub Mitt twin pack in vehicle

This product represents an advancement in interior cleaning accessories from Duel, offering unmatched precision, versatility, and effectiveness. Whether you're a professional detailer or a passionate car enthusiast, the Finger Scrub Mitt will elevate your detailing game.

Extensive Product Development

Part of any product development and testing program for new or potential products is gaining thoughts and feedback from industry professionals. During this process, Alex Betsworth of AB Detailing and Jonny Edmunson of Manchester Mobile Valet were among a group of professionals with access to the Finger Scrub Mitt and gave some thoughts below.

Alex Betsworth: "Unlike bulky brushes or awkward-shaped tools, these Finger Scrub Mitts fit snugly over your fingers, allowing you to effortlessly manoeuvre around tight areas such as door handles, vents, and seat rails. The nylon bristles provide excellent scrubbing power without causing harm to more delicate surfaces."

Johnny Edmunson: "Nice and easy to use, it is very effective at scrubbing the more stubborn stains on surfaces like fabric seats when used with my favourite interior cleaning product, Logic."


Get ready to take your detailing game to the next level with the Finger Scrub Mitt from Duel Autocare. With its comfortable grip, double cleaning power, and ability to reach every corner, this tool is a game-changer for automotive enthusiasts. Order yours today and experience the difference it can make in achieving a showroom-worthy interior. 

How to Use a Finger Scrub Mitt

Now that we have introduced our Finger Scrub Mitt it is about time you looked at our simple user guide on how to use this great product and see what amazing results can be acheieved.