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Introducing the Duel Tyre Scrubbing Brush


The ultimate choice for achieving pristine, clean tyre walls and more 

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Duel Autocare detailing accessory lineup: The Duel Tyre Scrubbing Brush. This tyre scrubbing brush is designed to meet the high standards and demands of our worldwide customer base, including car care enthusiasts and professional detailers who demand the best for their vehicles.

This brush is titled a Tyre Scrubbing Brush; however, it is not just for tyres. It is versatile enough to be used on various surfaces and detailing tasks, from rubber floor mats to soft tops. It's a multi-functional addition to your car cleaning tools.

"Good stiff tyre scrubbing brush for cleaning your tyre walls alongside the Cleanse tyre cleaner. Excellent product.”

Tyre Scrubbing brush Product Features:

 Ergonomic and Secure Grip:  The Duel Tyre Scrubbing Brush boasts a solid plastic handle encased in a rubberised surround, providing a comfortable and secure grip. The textured grip pattern ensures non-slip handling, even during the most demanding detailing tasks. Additionally, the rubberised casing protects your wheel faces and arches from accidental contact.

 Chemical-Resistant Bristles:  The durable, chemical-resistant bristles are perfect for deep cleaning tyre walls, especially with our Cleanse Tyre Cleaner. Clean tyre walls ensure your new tyre dressing adheres properly, delivering optimal results.

 Versatile and Multi-Functional:  This brush is not limited to tyres. Its versatile design makes it an essential tool for various surfaces and detailing tasks, from rubber floor mats to soft tops. The handy hanging loop allows for convenient storage between uses.

 Durable Design:  The tyre scrubbing brush features nylon bristles with the perfect balance of firmness and flexibility, allowing it to tackle dirt, grime, mud, and old tyre dressings effectively while navigating the curves and profiles of different tyre walls and tread designs.

 Stylish and Practical:  The Duel logo is prominently displayed on the face of the tyre scrubbing brush, and the Duel brand is stamped into the rubber grip pattern on the handle reverse, adding a touch of style to this practical tool.

Branded head and handy hanging loop
Duel stamped into anti slip handle and chemical resistant bristles

Why Choose the Duel Tyre Scrubbing Brush?

Ergonomic, easy-to-handle design

Multi-purpose functionality

Deep cleans tyre walls

Anti-slip grip pattern handle

Durable bristle design

The Duel Tyre Scrubbing Brush is the ultimate choice for achieving pristine, clean tyre walls and more. The Tyre Scrubbing Brush is another sign that we appreciate your continued support and are committed to providing you with the highest-quality car care products.

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