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Duel Autocare Unveils Snow Lux Coloured Snow Foam Collection

Snow Lux Coloured Snow Foam Collection


SNOW LUX - Experience the Ultimate Fusion of Performance and Aesthetics in Car Care!

Duel Autocare is proud to announce the launch of its range of coloured snow foams, Snow Lux. This innovative collection, comprising Strawberry Storm, Apple Alpine, Berry Blanket, and Banana Blizzard, is set to redefine everything you have come to know about coloured snow foams. The Snow Lux range enhances your snow foam experience by combining vibrant colours, delightful fragrances, and cleaning power—something that, from our extensive research program, is not currently available.

The Snow Lux range was meticulously developed through extensive research and testing. Recognising a gap in the market for coloured snow foams that look appealing and provide strong cleaning efficiency, Duel Autocare has engineered SnowLux to deliver stunning visuals, intense fragrances during use and pre-wash performance. Each product in the Snow Lux line is designed to excite and enhance your snow foam experience, providing the perfect pre-treatment to a meticulous main contact wash.

Snow Lux coloured snow foam collection

"Coloured snow foam that slaps..."

Sam Fallows - Co Founder

Research and Development

The Snow Lux range represents a significant advancement in the car care industry. Our team at Duel Auto Care dedicated countless hours to researching and understanding the current offerings in the market. We identified that while many coloured snow foams look great, they often need more cleaning performance. Leveraging this insight, we developed Snow Lux to combine the best of both worlds—eye-catching aesthetics and strong cleaning abilities.

Each Snow Lux product is on par with our renowned Assault pre-wash snow foam, ensuring that your vehicle receives the same level of care and cleanliness, now with an added element of fun and vibrancy.

Four individual coloured snow foams make up the Snow Lux range.

Snow Lux - Coloured Snow Foam Collection

Four individual coloured snow foams make up the Snow Lux range.

Snow Lux - Apple Alpine

Dive into the refreshing experience of Apple Alpine, the dynamic green alkaline pre-wash snow foam. With its vivid green hue and the incredible scent of sour apple, this foam tackles road grime precisely, making cleaning enjoyable and effective.

Snow Foam Colour: Green 
Scent: Sour Apple

Snow Lux - Apple Alpine - Green coloured snow foam

Snow Lux - Banana Blizzard

Introducing Banana Blizzard, the vibrant yellow alkaline pre-wash snow foam elevates your car care routine. Bursting with the refreshing scent of ripe bananas, Banana Blizzard loosens and lifts dirt and grime and adds a layer of visual excitement. This foam is perfect for professional detailers and car enthusiasts seeking exceptional results.

Snow Foam Colour: Yellow;
Scent: Banana

Snow Lux - Banana Blizzard - Yellow coloured snow foam

Snow Lux - Berry Blanket

Experience the vibrant blue foam of Berry Blanket, the alkaline pre-wash snow foam that invigorates your cleaning regime. Berry Blanket provides a practical and visually stunning pre-wash treatment with the scent of blueberries and an intense blue colour.

Snow Foam Colour: Blue
Scent: Blueberries

Snow Lux -Berry Blanket - Blue coloured snow foam

Snow Lux - Strawberry Storm 

Transform your pre-wash routine with Strawberry Storm, the red/pink-hued alkaline snow foam. This bold foam combines the power of an alkaline agent with a luscious strawberry fragrance, ensuring a thorough and enjoyable pre-wash treatment.

Snow Foam Colour: Red
Scent: Strawberry

Snow Lux - Strawberry Storm - Red coloured snow foam

Get Ready to Transform Your Car Wash

The Snow Lux coloured snow foam range is now available for purchase on the Duel Autocare website, where you can experience the full spectrum of colours and scents.