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Unveil Elegance With Two Brand New Car Air Fresheners From Duel!

Duel launch Vanilla and Neroli car air fresheners

At Duel Autocare, we understand that your car is more than just a vehicle – it's an extension of your personality and style. That's why our car air fresheners are meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional quality and unparalleled luxury. Whether you prefer exotic blends or classic scents, our collection of Car Air Fresheners promises to elevate your driving experience. With all this in mind, we are thrilled to introduce two exquisite additions to our Car Air Fresheners range – Neroli and Vanilla. Crafted with sophistication and elegance in mind, these new fragrances are designed to elevate your driving experience by exciting the senses!

Vanilla and Neroli Car air Freshener

"Has a lovely fresh smell which last a bit longer than other sprays, I use it on my mat's always have a lovely smelling car"

Steve Mcgowan - Duel Customer

Neroli Car Air Freshener

Experience the epitome of luxury with Neroli Car Air Freshener from Duel Autocare. This high-quality fragrance brings the sophistication and elegance of the Italian Riviera right to your vehicle. Infused with distinctive and opulent notes, Neroli captures the essence of Mediterranean citrus, aromatic herbs, and rich, warm undertones. This harmonious blend of citrus, floral, and herbal notes evokes the serene and sun-kissed elegance of the Mediterranean coastline, creating a driving ambience that exudes class and refinement. The Neroli Car Air Freshener by Duel Autocare isn't just a car air freshener; it's a statement of elegance and a testament to your refined taste. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. 

Vanilla Car Air Freshener

Immerse yourself in the comfort and sophistication of Vanilla Car Air Freshener from Duel Autocare. While vanilla has often been the 'go-to' car air freshener fragrance, we've reimagined it to offer something unique. Our Vanilla fragrance is infused with opulent notes of caramel and spice, creating a comforting yet sophisticated atmosphere. This isn't just another vanilla scent; it's a luxurious twist on a modern classic, with layers of richness and complexity that will transform your driving experience. Transform the familiar into the extraordinary; this fragrance is anything but 'Vanilla”.

Discover the Full Range of Duel Autocare Car Air Fresheners

In addition to our new Neroli and Vanilla scents, Duel Autocare offers a variety of other high-quality car air fresheners. Each is crafted to provide a unique and luxurious driving experience, with a fragrance for everybody, no matter their style.

Pour Homme

This is the Fabergé egg of car fragrances. No expense was spared in finding the perfect luxury scent oils to complete this stunning fragrance in Pour Homme, which adds the scent of absolute finesse to your interior space. Aftershave lovers, this one is for you!

Cherry B

Cherry B is a mouthwatering mixture of fruity jam, moist almond sponge, delicious icing, and even the cherry on top. It all combines to create the perfect homage to the classic Bakewell tart. Have a sweet tooth? This one's for you!


This one will drive your senses wild! Can you pinpoint the combination of scents that make up this incredible blend we call Havana? A chilled mix of sugar cane and zesty limes, a scent that's challenging to describe yet impossible to forget! Summer lovin' in a bottle.

New Car

Are you looking for that showroom-fresh-smelling interior every time you step into the vehicle? We have managed to encapsulate all of those unique aromas that a new car experience brings. Now, every day is New Car Day!

Pour Femme

It's time to awaken your senses to a floral explosion!  Pour Femme demands attention with its highly addictive scent that explodes and fascinates your senses with fresh floral notes and a sugary kick. Ladies, this one is for you!

Transform your driving experience with the luxurious scents of Neroli, Vanilla, and our Car Air Fresheners Range. At Duel Autocare, we believe your car should not only look great but also smell fantastic!