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Where To Spray Our Car Air Fresheners

Where To Spray Our Car Air Fresheners

At Duel Auto Care, we strive to provide drivers new and old with the very best cleaning, polishing and detailing products on the market. Whether you consider yourself to be a car detailing enthusiast or someone who is a new owner altogether - the car cleaning, polishing and detailing products that we provide are simply the best on the market.

This is made possible as we host the very best chemical products and accessories with the sole purpose of concentrating on gaining customer satisfaction and appreciation.

Despite being a fairly small team, having launched in 2020 - we can confidently say that the service and products that we have available is able to garner the satisfaction that we strive for. Customer service is incredibly important to us at Duel Auto Care, therefore, we are beyond elated that our air fresheners are a collection of products that our customers are really happy with.

In this post, we will be identifying areas where to spray our car air fresheners whilst also providing some recommendations on the air fresheners you should try first should you be new to our website.

Where To Spray Our Car Air Fresheners?

It’s no secret that everyone loves to smell nice, therefore, you shouldn’t leave your vehicle out in smelling fresh either. Depending on how frequently you are using your car, you may need to use your air fresheners in various areas of the car. To get an idea as to where let us elaborate

Car Floor Mats:

To put it simply, whenever you are in your car, your car floor mats are always being used. Given that they will rest below your shoes, they are prone to attract dirt, and debris among other things. This also means that they are the first thing that will attract the most dirt and debris.

It’s safe to assume that it has been a while since you have thoroughly cleaned your vehicle’s car floor mats. You might be stuck asking yourself how long you should clean your car floor mats? The simple answer is - whenever you need it to be.

A good practice to perhaps maintain is cleaning your car floor mats every time you wash your vehicle.

Below we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to make your car floor mats look brand new:

  • Remove from the car and shake off any dirt first
  • Vacuum to remove any immediate particles that are completely visible and attainable
  • We recommend using a deep clean if required.
  • Once reapplied to your car, apply your new car air freshener

Now that your car floor mats are all cleaned and smell fresh with your new air freshener(s) you can rest easy knowing that they will remain feeling fresh for a long time.

Car Seats:

Prior to applying your new car air fresheners to your vehicle, you should first make sure that they are clean and up to par with your car mats. If you are cleaning fabric seats, this is far simpler than if you were to clean leather car seats.

Often, cleaning leather car seats can be more complicated. Luckily for you, we have a wide range of car interior cleaning products that tackle hard and soft surfaces to ensure you get the best clean possible inside of your vehicle.

With these examples, it is likely that you have just finished cleaning these areas and are perhaps looking for air fresheners that can help maintain your fresh car smell. Regarding the choice of air fresheners, we have available at Duel Auto Care, below we provide some of our customers’ favourite choices:

Car Air Freshener Kits:

We supply three variations of car air freshener kits to choose from. Each of which provides an unbelievable amount of freshness whilst providing you with intrigue as to what the others provide.

The car air freshener kit 1 offers three luxurious car scents that are stunningly packaged into one handy drawstring black mesh bag. The scents included are Havana, Pineapple Express and Our most sought after air freshener - Pour Homme.

The car air freshener kit 2 comes in the same drawstring black mesh bag, however, this comes with different scents as the first. The scents included in this collection are Fizz Pop, Zest and Pour Femme.

Whereas the car air freshener kit 3 provides the scents of Cherry B (Cherry Bakewell), Passion as well as the New Car - providing an amazing new car Esque smell. Similar to the other two collections, this also comes in the black drawstring mesh bag.

Pick ‘N’ Mix Air Freshener Kit

Should you be after another collection, but desire to choose your own three scents, we suggest going for the Pick ‘N’ Mix Air Freshener Kit. This kit is exactly how it sounds, in that you are able to select three amazing scented car air fresheners.

This is also ideal for those who have shopped with us before and already have an idea of what air fresheners they prefer.

These are not like your traditional petrol station air fresheners where your go-to choice is pine. Our choices are aimed to be far more adventurous the create a range that is luxurious, exciting and above all else, long-lasting.

Browse our wide selection of car air fresheners today and find the right one for you.


These are our tips regarding where to spray our car air fresheners. Feel free to take a look at the air fresheners we have mentioned in this blog. Alternatively, take a look at the various other car air freshener sprays that we have in our collection. 

Each of the products in this collection boasts an amazing car scent. All that is needed is to determine what preference regarding the scent would you prefer? Alternatively, take a look at the other guides that we have available.