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Tyre & Trim Dressings: The Best On The Market

Tyre & Trim Dressings: The Best On The Market

Regarding the various tyre & trim dressings that are available, we are confident that the Profile - Tyre & Trim Dressing is the best on the market. We are also extremely proud to announce that we have received an commendation award from Autoexpress for our Tyre & Trim Dressing.

However, if you are unsure as to what tyre & trim dressings are - let us explain:

What Are Tyre & Trim Dressings?

When you think of a modern car, often is the case that the tyres are one of the last aspects that you will think about. For a large portion of drivers, tyres serve their purpose by being the component that gets you to your destination. Whereas it is the other elements of your car that serves as the visual splendour.

This is especially strange when you realise that they’re your only point of contact with the road. This means that the tyres should really be one of your most important components - rather than the one that’s being forgotten.

Apart from the tyres being the component that gets you safely to your destination - tyres can also result in your car looking significantly different. Whether you decide to go for clean tyres or dark with a gloss/matte finish - these can complement a set of alloys and act as the cherry on top in regards to your detailing.

As we say at Duel Auto Care, what is a clean wheel without a well-dressed tyre? Clean tyre walls are essential as they ensure that when you apply our products, these will produce the most immaculate possible surface to bind with. Resulting in a very durable long-lasting result.

This is where our best on the market tyre & trim dressings come into place: 

The Duel Tyre & Trim Dressings Collection:

The Profile - Tyre & Trim Dressing is a multi gloss level tyre and trim dressing that is suitable for all rubber and plastic exterior surfaces. Serving a blend of solvents and silicones which provides a durable, quick-drying and water repellent finish.

The progressive finish is achieved by layering the Profile - Tyre & Trim Dressing into one initial layer will leave a satin factory finish with additional layers resulting in extra gloss. More layers will result in more gloss.

In order to get the most out of your Profile - Tyre & Trim Dressing, we suggest that you add a few drops to your Tyre Dressing Applicator. Afterwards, spread your dressing evenly across the surface.

The Tyre Dressing Applicator serves as a crucial component for your tyre & trim dressing as it is the ideal tool to apply your Profile - Tyre & Trim Dressing to your tyre walls and vehicle trim. This applicator boasts a comfortable grip that allows you to keep your hands away from applying the application with ease.

Before You Apply Your Tyre & Trim Dressings:

Prior to using your Profile - Tyre & Trim Dressing, we also recommend the Duel Cleanse - Tyre Cleaner. This tyre cleaner is specially designed to remove old dressings, grime and discolouration from your tyre wall surface. This is due to the fact that the Cleanse - Tyre Cleaner penetrates deep into the tyre which will breakdown existing products in preparation for new dressings to be applied.

In essence, the Cleanse - Tyre Cleaner is a deep cleaning formulation that easily removes dressings and dirt. Serving as a perfectly ideal product for preparation for tyre dressings, whilst topping with a fresh peppermint scent.

In order to get the most out of your tyre cleaner, we recommend that you spray your Cleanse around the entire wet tyre wall surface. Afterwards, scrub the tyre wall with one of our Duel tyre scrubber brushes. Rinse and repeat this process until you see the suds produce a white colour - when this happens you now know that you are ready to use the tyre & trim dressing.

We provide a wide range of wheel brushes at Duel Auto Care. We have the perfect wheel brushes to ensure you get into all of the hard to reach areas, including the barrels and brake callipers. Take a look at the selection we have today.

Take a look at the various car cleaning products that we have available today, or alternatively - take a look at our other guides to learn more. Each of our guides are crafted to benefit both car cleaning enthusiasts or new drivers in general.