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The Benefits Of Having A Car Decontamination Kit

The Benefits Of Having A Car Decontamination Kit

For car owners, regardless of how much time you spend travelling to your required destinations - you are guaranteed to have dirt, grime and other contaminants stick to your vehicle. The main differences are how often you are travelling, the terrain that is being traversed as well - even the location of your parked vehicle.

Upon conducting visual analysis, you may find that your car looks fairly clean - spotless even. More often than not, however, this is simply untrue as some of the contaminants that feature on your vehicle are not visible to the naked eye. Hence the importance of a dedicated decontamination kit.

A car decontamination kit is a requirement when concerning quality car care. Opting to have such a car cleaning kit will allow you to maintain the overall look and appearance of your car. This is especially prominent if you often find yourself taking your loved ones out on trips which will require the use of your car. Below we will highlight the benefits of having a car decontamination kit. Although, If you are unaware of what a decontamination kit is and how it can serve beneficial to your vehicle, allow us to elaborate.

What Is A Car Decontamination Kit?

A car decontamination kit features specially selected products concerning decontaminating your vehicle. The vehicle decontamination process can essentially be broken down into two key factors. The first process is known as the chemical decontamination stage. This refers to implementing products that will exclusively only soften/dissolve and remove harmful particles from the surface of your vehicle.

The second process is the mechanical decontamination stage. This particular process is what most will think of when thinking about undergoing a car decontamination process. Most notably, this process involves the use of a clay bar which is used to physically remove harmful contaminants. A clay bar is great for removing said contaminants that have been embedded in your vehicle over a prolonged period.

With the clay bar in mind, there are additional products that are needed to fully undergo complete decontamination cleaning, rather than spending a fair amount of money on individual items - we have several decontamination kits that will include everything you need whilst also saving you money in the long run.

The Benefits Of Having a Car Decontamination Kit:

Below we will list the main benefits of having a car decontamination kit:

Spending Less:

One of the most noteworthy benefits of having a car decontamination kit is simply the aforementioned amount of money that you will be saving. Opting to purchase a car decontamination kit with all of the required products featured in the package can save you money for two main reasons.

The first is that rather than multiple individual transactions, you are opting for a bundle which provides all of the required products in one package - ultimately saving you money through buying in bulk.

The second reason is that deciding to opt for a kit will prove more of an investment in the long run. Allowing you to have all of the necessary products on hand - whenever you need them.

Extending The Lifespan of your Vehicle:

Often car owners are under the impression that simply washing their every few weeks will be enough to maintain the longevity of their vehicle. This is simply not the case, the reason for this is that the decontamination process is more important than car owners realise.

By making sure you regularly undergo a full car decontamination process in your wash - you are guaranteed to extend the lifespan of your vehicle. This is because a decontamination kit will help you to remove contaminants such as iron fallout as well as sturdy tar and glue which are often fairly difficult to remove without a specific product to tackle it.

What Is Featured:

Our most popular decontamination kit comes featured with three key products that will guarantee you the best results concerning successfully decontaminating your car. The first product is the Toxin-Iron Fallout Remover. This offers superior iron and fallout removal from all vehicle surfaces. This super-fast-acting gel-based formula will turn the characteristic purple upon reaction to where you decide to apply it.

If you are a new car owner and are seeking to obtain the best results for your car, there are two steps to ensure a quality finish. The first step is to spray the BlackJack - Tar & Glue Remover onto the surface of your vehicle (for instance your wheel surfaces). Afterwhich, you should use a pressure washer to rinse the BlackJack off to reveal a super-clean, slick and contaminate-free surface.

The next product featured in our car decontamination kit is the Toxin Iron Fallout Remover. Our iron fallout remover is perfectly safe across all surfaces of your vehicle and will not come to damage any rubber seals or glass surfaces..

This super-fast-acting tar and glue remover are perfectly safe on wheels, although there are some considerations that you will need to be aware of. For instance, you should avoid making headlight covers as well as plastic trims. More notably, you should always make sure that this does not dry on your surface - especially under direct sunlight.

In order to get the best out of the BlackJack - Tar & Glue Remover, we recommend that you use the following steps. The first step is to spray the BlackJack onto the required surface, once applied, we recommend that you should allow 2-3 minutes to let it work its magic. Although, this time is subject to change depending on the weather, especially in the warmer months.

Should you be using the BlackJack to eliminate tar spots, we suggest that you use a microfibre towel to coincide with the tar remover. Doing so, you will begin to see the tar deposits bleed away from the specific surface of your vehicle.

Alternatively, if you are using this to eliminate glue residue all you need to do is spray it onto your desired area. Once applied you should allow for a short amount of time for the BlackJack to take effect before removing the residue away with a suitable microfibre towel.

The last product featured in the decontamination kit is the Erase-Clay Bar. This is one of the most popular decontamination products on the market due to its ability to remove contaminants that other decontamination products have difficulty removing otherwise.

You can often indicate when you need to use your clay bar as you can conduct some physical analysis. By this, we suggest that you lightly rub your fingers over the surface of your vehicle. As you rub your fingers over the surface, you will be able to feel the contaminants. Worst of all, depending on how contaminated your vehicle is - you will be able to hear the contaminants. The sound of contaminants on your car is akin to a sanding sound.

Other Alternatives:

At Duel Auto Care, we have a large selection of De-Contamination kits to choose from. One of the most popular car cleaning kits that we have is the Duel Mega Kit. This car cleaning and decontamination kit contain everything that you need to ensure your car is gleaming.

Due to the level of products that are featured, this kit serves as the ultimate investment for car enthusiasts or those looking to maintain their car. The reason for this is due to all of the necessary products being on hand as and when you need them.

Below we provide some FAQs in regards to additional benefits of having a car decontamination kit:

Can You Decontaminate A Car Without A Clay Bar?

As you undergo decontaminating your vehicle there are two stages to ensure the best decontamination process. These are known as chemical and mechanical decontamination. As mentioned above, the clay bar slots into the mechanical decontamination stage, but can you decontaminate a car without a clay bar?

In essence, you can decontaminate a car without a clay bar, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the best results. If fact, you can almost guarantee that you will not obtain the optimum results. Hence we will always recommend that you undergo both procedures first but you should start with the chemical decontamination stage first and then move on to the mechanical.

Why Should You Use A Clay Bar Last?

During the decontamination stage, you may often find people recommending that you conduct the mechanical decontamination stage last (us included). The reason for this is that if you were hoping to save time on the length it takes to wash your car - you will actually be using a lot more of your clay bar than you would otherwise be if opting for the chemical stage.

The reason for this is that your clay bar will be absorbing all of the contaminants and as a result of neglecting the chemical stage - your clay bar will attract a lot more contaminants. Hence the importance of the chemical stage, not only are you guaranteeing a stronger decontamination process but you are expanding the longevity of your clay bar in equal measure.

Can A Clay Bar Damage Your Coat?

Due to a clay bar being a clay-like substance that strives to remove harmful contaminants such as water spots and other contaminants that are stuck on your vehicle's surface. We have recently seen people querying as to whether a clay bar can in fact damage your coat of paint. Rest assured that the Erase-Clay Bar that we feature at Duel Auto Care has been specially crafted to only tackle contaminants that are found in your vehicle. Although, for ease of mind, you can always use a lubricant-type substance whilst you are undergoing the mechanical decontamination phase.

When Should You Use A Clay Bar?

Since conducting the car cleaning procedure features multiple factors, especially if you are aiming to get the best clean possible, a frequently asked question is when should you use a clay bar for your vehicle? In essence, there are three stages to guarantee the best clean possible. The first process is the car washing stage. This attributes to tasks such as pre-wash and the traditional car wash. After this has been completed, you will then move on to the decontamination stage. It is with this stage that a clay bar will come into play.

After these prior two stages have been addressed, to apply an additional level of shine to your vehicle, you will then need to move on to the finishing stage. Although to indicate when you will need to decontaminate your car - this particular stage may not be necessary every time you go to wash your car. Rather, you can use your fingers and gently glide across your vehicle surface and literally feel the contaminants. As mentioned above, depending on how much your car is contaminated - you may be able to hear the contaminants as this can produce a sanding esc sound.


These are the key benefits of having a car decontamination kit. Featuring the most crucial products to guarantee that your vehicle is fully decontaminated. The decontamination process is an essential component when it comes to thoroughly cleaning your car. There are two processes of contaminating a car, these being chemical and mechanical.

For more information, take a look at our latest guides to keep up to date on maintaining the health of your vehicle. For instance, one topic that we have covered previously has been to ensure you have safely decontaminated your car in the right way.