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How Our Car Air Fresheners Are Made?

How Our Car Air Fresheners Are Made?

Car air fresheners are essential in keeping your car smelling fresh. They are considered to be the ‘cherry on top’ of the car cleaning process, ensuring your car maintains a nice scent long after the initial clean.

Most, if not all car owners love it when their car is smelling fresh and looking clean, therefore, it is important to have air fresheners for your car that not only smell nice but last a long time.

In our latest post, we will highlight how our car air fresheners are made, keep on reading below.

How Our Car Air Fresheners Are Made

In essence, our car air fresheners are fairly simple products with the key difference compared to others on the market is the level of fragrance that we incorporate. We ensure that we use roughly 10 times the standard load that you will find in automotive air fresheners.

To do this, we use a non-water base, this is due to the fact that we would need a large number of surfactants which may leave residues on the surface. As a result, we use a solvent blend which is fairly modern and green/eco friendly. The reason that we make sure our solvent blend is green and eco friendly is that we feel that at Duel Auto Care, we have a responsibility to do our part for the environment where and whenever we can.

For safety reasons, we ensure that this solvent blend does not have flammability issues and is extremely good at evaporating slowly which in theory gives an extended release of the fragrance.

What Air Fresheners Should I Get For My Car?

At Duel Auto Care, we host a wide array of long-lasting car air fresheners that produce some fantastic scents. To start with, we recommend the various car air freshener kits. For instance, the first car air freshener kit includes Havana, Pineapple Express and our customer favourite - the Pour Homme.

This collection boasts three luxury car scents (mentioned above) that are packaged into one handy drawstring mesh bag. Perfect for keeping in your door pocket or glove compartment. Always having them at hand will add a real touch of class to your interior space when needed.

The Car Air Freshener Kit 2 is similar to the first kit, in that it comes packaged with the mesh bag. However, there are 3 different scents in this kit compared to the first. These scents include Fizz Pop, Zest and the Pour Femme.

Whereas the scents in the third Car Air Freshener Kit feature Passion, Cherry Bakewell and the New Car smell.

New Car Smell Car Air Freshener

For those looking for a more ‘showroom’ fresh-smelling interior - we recommend that you try our new car smell car air freshener. This air freshener makes every day feel like a new car day. The new car scent is coupled with aromas that encapsulate a new car experience.

All you need to do is spray the air freshener onto all of your vehicle's soft surfaces, floor mats and fabric seats.

Take a look at the various car cleaning products that we have available today, or alternatively - take a look at our other guides to learn more.


This is everything regarding how our car air fresheners are made, coupled with a list of some of our customers favourite car air fresheners. Why not take a look at the other car air fresheners that we have available. Alternatively, take a look at our latest guides that have available. These are specially created to cater to new drivers and car enthusiasts alike to ensure they can maximise their car cleaning results.