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Duel Autocare is now available on

Becton Detailing online store

We are pleased to announce that Duel Autocare is now stocked by Becton Detailing, a new online retailer with a great lineup of brands.

Becton Detailing is owned by Tony Elliot, who has been detailing cars for years and wanted to turn that passion and knowledge into a business so the website was born. The website offers a growing range of chemicals and accessories, giving you that one-stop shop approach.

Tony said " I chose to stock Duel Autocare and use it on our customer's cars when they come in for a valet after using Flex Polymer Sealant. I was amazed at how easy it was to use and how little product is required for each application. I found that my customer's cars returned after a couple of months, and the protection was still there. I looked into Duel's other products, and I can honestly say I've not used one that I don't like (Bahama Blue is my favourite shampoo, bar none!) They all perform exceptionally well, and I'm happy to be associated with Duel Autocare. "

Duel would like to wish Tony every success with Becton Detailing, and we look forward to growing our partnership.

Visit the store: