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Reinvigorate Your New Car Scent

Reinvigorate Your New Car Scent

First impressions are always a mainstay in everybody’s day-to-day lives. This is also true regarding the sense of smell. For instance, there will likely be an element of humiliation should you bring friends, family and other loved ones to your home whilst it is not smelling particularly fresh. The same is also true for the smell of your car.

Depending on your lifestyle, and job among other reasons, it is likely that you spend a fair amount of time in your car. Although should your car has a fairly offputting smell, this can lead you to feel embarrassed about people entering your car.

You may have tried to rectify this and found little to no improvement. Perhaps you have tried various hanging air fresheners and have found no luck - even though the interior of your car is clean.

That is what this post will cover as we will help you to reinvigorate your new car scent for prolonged periods. However, what other contributing factors play into the importance of maintaining the smell of your car? Let us explore further down:

Why Is Your Car Smell Important?

Simply put, having a car that smells poorly is not a good environment to be in. Perhaps as the owner, you may have gotten used to it over a prolonged period and find that there is nothing wrong in regards to the smell of your vehicle.

However, when passengers enter your car, you may notice indications that the truth is the opposite. Resulting in you frequently cleaning your car in which you will find that you receive little to no difference.

This is also important should you and your family wish to go on leisurely drives. Again, depending on how long you are spending in your car - your overall experience of the day may become tainted as a result.

Hence the importance of having your car smelling fresh. Although, what benefits do car air fresheners provide?

What Benefits Does A Car Air Freshener Have?

As there are a vast array of car air fresheners available on the market, once you find the car air freshener that matches your style - you can expect the following benefits. One such benefit is indeed the fact that there are a vast array of air fresheners to choose from. Each of which provides its unique scents, although the lifespan of the scent can differ depending on which you choose.

Another benefit is the removal of the aforementioned bad smell. Certain car air fresheners will not only mask the smell but remove the smell entirely. Although, the permanent removal of the bad smell should come after you have completely cleaned the interior of your car - then placing your new air freshener.

They are also great should you be a pet owner and are looking to remove their lingering scents also. Especially should the scent come upon returning from an adventurous day out for example.

Regarding certain air fresheners, certain ones that are available also have an element of convenience. For example, should you opt for an air freshener spray rather than a hanging air freshener - this means that you can top up your new car scent whenever you wish.

Not only these but depending on your choice of car scent - these can reduce your stress levels via the implementation of a pleasant and soothing fragrance. Allowing you to essentially set whatever mood you wish. This is something that we can help with at Duel Auto Care.

Car Air Freshener Kits:

At Duel Auto Care, we host 3 incredible car air freshener kits to choose from. Each of these car air freshener kits features three luxurious car scents that are lovingly packaged into a handy drawstring black mesh bag.

Boasting great value for money thanks to the ultra-high quality and great value for money - these are perfect to have featured in your glove box or door pockets. The first car air freshener kit features the amazing Pineapple Express, Havana and our magnum opus - Pour Homme.

The second air freshener kit for your car includes the Pour Femme, Zest and Fizz Pop car scents. Whereas the third kit features our amazing new car scent, Passion and Cherry B.

These car air freshener kits are amazing for those who are looking for a new car scent and are unsure as to which fragrance is for them.

New Car Scent:

The New Car Scent car air freshener that we provide is simply unrivalled as it guarantees a showroom-level smelling interior every time you decide to step into your vehicle. All you will need to do is spritz onto all of the soft surfaces of your vehicle. Places such as your floor mats, and fabric seats among other areas ensure the fragrance retains its scent for as long as possible.

The new car scent is captured due to a delightful combination of aromas which captures the essence of that oh-so-satisfying new car scent.

Pick ‘N’ Mix Air Freshener Kit

We also host an amazing Pick ‘N’ Mix Air Freshener Kit. This kit features all of our beloved car air fresheners to allow you to pick the three that you most prefer. For instance, you can choose our two most popular scents, these being the Pour Homme & Pour Hemme fragrances along with an additional scent that you would like to try.

Alternatively, you can opt to try three different car scents that you have never tried before to see if they enter the list of your favourite scents.


Those are our thoughts in regards to reinvigorating your new car scent. The smell of your car plays more of an important role than you may otherwise realise. Proving to play a key role in the enjoyment of drives whether it be for leisurely purposes or business-related.

At Duel Auto Care, we host a wide range of car detailing and decontamination products to choose from. Alternatively, why not browse our latest guides to make sure you maximise your car cleaning results.