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Duel Autocare sample sizes are now available at Clean Your Ride

Duel Autocare sample sizes are now available at Clean Your Ride

So, who is Clean Your Ride?

Created in 2015 by Andy Smith Clean Your Ride, (CYR) has snowballed as word has spread about their unique service. CYR has a loyal following with many repeat and happy customers with customer service of paramount importance, and this is one of many values we both share as a business, which is essential to ourselves. We would expect our customers to receive excellent service wherever they choose to purchase our brand.

CYR was born from Andy's passion and drive for car care with over 20 years of detailing product experience. The mission is to provide customers with the best and latest detailing products in an affordable, enjoyable and easy way. ALL of the products on our list have been exhaustively tested by CYR first to ensure they meet a high standard.

Rest assured all samples come supplied with the direct permission of all manufacturers, and all are 100% genuine, undiluted products.

We asked Andy to comment on why he chose to work with Duel Autocare:
"Here at CYR, we welcome existing brands and new to the market brands to offer as sample products.

After we tested the products from new brand Duel Autocare, we knew straight away that this would be a brand that our customers would love to try as a sample without the added scene tax.

We believe a brand owner's ethics are an extremely important part of building a reputation. The company is run by Sam and Lee, who are very approachable and have already been extremely helpful to us.

We look forward to more product releases from Duel Autocare. We would happily welcome being involved in future developments with them using our extensive knowledge gained within the detailing industry over (too) many years."

Duel samples are available to purchase directly from CYR here: