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What's the difference between Oxide - Hybrid Detailer & Nitro - Quick Detailer?

What's the difference between Oxide - Hybrid Detailer & Nitro - Quick Detailer?

The launch of Nitro brings the question, "Hey Duel, what's the difference between this product and your other detailer?"

In short, the significant difference between the two products is the protection element. Oxide offers a conservative 6-8 weeks protection after application. Nitro offers minimal protection but what it lacks in protection is packs an absolute wallop of gloss!

Oxide can be tricky to work with to get the best results. We have gathered feedback over the past 12-13 months from all users, those in the trade and general car care enthusiasts. There were areas of input from Oxide users gathered that suggested they experienced some light streaking issues with the product; it has been challenging to pinpoint the exact reason for this because many variables can affect this. Generally, as with any product like this, over-application would be the main culprit. We began to look at other options to generate a more overall user-friendly experience. After many months of research and development and numerous testing of various formulas, we gained feedback from trusted product testers in our community. This R&D has landed at what we believe to be a fantastic product, step forward Nitro.

Nitro, we feel, is incredibly easy to use and is even suitable for other exterior surfaces, including glass and plastic trims. It certainly doesn't offer the level of protection that you can expect from Oxide, but it makes up for that in other areas. Add depth of shine to your ride after a detail or use at a show when looking for that show & shine winners medal!

You know that feeling you get when you turn back to look at your car when walking away because it looks so good? We've managed to capture that in a bottle! The finish that is effortlessly achieved is nothing short of magic.

Let's summarise, Oxide for protection and increased water behaviour with a more delicate approach to the application or for when you have more time on your hands to dedicate to the process. Nitro is the product for an insane gloss and high colour enhancement that's so easy to apply your nan could do it!

As always, we are on hand to answer questions or queries with any of the products in the range. You can reach us in the office on 0161 549 9303 or