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How to store your detailing products during the winter


After many phone calls, messages, and social media posts since the cold temperatures began to take hold in early December, asking about storage conditions for your detailing products, including liquid chemicals and wax products, we decided to detail below how and why you should store your detailing products correctly during the winter.

Many of you reading this will no doubt be storing products in a shed or garage, but have you questioned whether or not these products are safe or out of reach of the freezing temperatures?

Imagine the scene; you come to clean your car this winter, head into the cold garage or shed only to be met with bottles of products which resemble blocks of ice. Ever tried to use a frozen shampoo? No car wash today!

The ideal temperature range where your products will remain stable and usable is between 4 and 35c. Once returned to a usable temperature, some products will be perfectly fine and stable. Others only fit for the bin. Surfactant-type products will either turn to a milky solution and split before they freeze, or others will freeze and remain complete. Emulsion products are more tricky. If they freeze often, they are unrecoverable due to oils separating and will not emulsify back into the solution. With this in mind, we highly recommend you reconsider your storage of products through the colder months, keep the products from being exposed to freezing temperatures, and store them inside the house if your current outdoor storage facility isn't warm enough.

The same can be said for pressure washers. One of the main reasons why pressure washers fail is incorrect storage and freezing when stored through the winter. Ideally, keep your pressure washer indoors in a warm environment or room temperature as opposed to a cold garage or shed. Of course, this is only an option for some of us, so it's essential to undertake a few steps when packing your pressure washer away after use in or before the winter if outdoor covered storage is the only option.

Good-quality pressure washers are an investment, so good maintenance is essential. Firstly fully drain the pressure washer and the hose of any remaining water inside. Failing to do this could result in the water freezing, which will then expand and potentially crack internal parts of the pressure washer and, of course, potentially the hose.

Secondly, ensure your pressure washer and hose are placed in a covered environment and, if possible, covered with a cloth or similar to keep them dry and clean.

If you follow these simple steps, rest assured that your detailing products and tools will be fit for use throughout the winter and into the new year.