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Duel's Guide On How To Clean Car Windows Without Streaks!

Duel's Guide On How To Clean Car Windows Without Streaks!

We all love freshly cleaned car windows but always wonder how to clean car windows without streaks. We have made a simple 7 step guide on the best way to clean car windows. If your glass is heavily contaminated, we recommend you give the car a full clean using the two bucket wash method to eliminate the potential of more dirt getting onto the car.

We do not recommend you clean your windscreen in direct sunlight as it will cause the product to dry up and cause streaking on the glass.

What products will you need to get perfect clean car windows without streaks?

Follow our simple steps to windows without streaks:

  1. Firstly lift the windscreen wipers, pointing them away from the glass.
  2. Apply Optical - Window & Glass Cleaner to your car windows, starting with the windscreen. You will need one spray for the side windows and two-three sprays for the front and rear windscreens to get the best result. The product has a high alcohol formulation that allows it to tackle residue and grime from your windows head-on.
  3. Using the Duel Window & Glass Cloth, wipe the product around the edges of the car window before working the rest in an up and down motion, buffing off any residue. Ensure every part of the car window is cleaned. You should never leave the product to dry.
  4. Now apply Optical - Window & Glass Cleaner to the side windows, one window at a time and repeat the same process. Don't forget to wind the side windows down, as the top of the window will be covered by the window seals. This is easily forgotten about when cleaning the glass.
  5. Buff off the remaining product residue with the clean side of the window and glass cloth. The product has fast evaporation, so this allows for a streak-free finish. There is no specific amount of time you should clean your car windows, but it is always good practice to do it every time you wash your car or when it is dirty.
  6. Time for the Inside, this step can be done first or last. Most people tend to do it after the exterior car windows are finished. To avoid overspray, we recommend you spray the product directly onto Microfibre cloth and use the microfibre cloth to work the product, moving left to right in the opposite direction of the outside. We do this because if there is any streaking, you will know exactly which side of the car window has the streaking. If there is any overspray on any unwanted areas such as the dashboard, remove using a microfibre cloth. Again buff of the remaining residue with the clean side of the cloth.
  7. Spray the wiper blades and, using the glass cloth, wipe them going up and down, ensuring you get all of the blades surface areas. Continue to clean until all traces of grime are removed.

Detailers Tip: In the event, you notice excessive grease and grime on your rubber window seals, we would suggest using Nitty Gritty - Pre Wash & Degreaser. Simply spray around the edge of the window and then, using a detailing brush, work the product in making sure you get all around the edge, rinse off the product and then dry the window using a drying towel.

We recommend washing your Duel Window & Glass Cloth with Laundry - Microfibre Wash Detergent after every use as good housekeeping. Put your microfibre cloth into your washing machine, add 50ml of Laundry into your detergent drawer and run a 30-degree cycle. Once the wash cycle is complete, allow the cloth to dry naturally.

Now you have followed Duel's guide on how to clean car windows without streaks and learned how to clean rubber seals. You will be able to see through them without getting bugged by dirty spots or marks impairing your vision. If you want to learn more about the two bucket wash method, we have a blog post explaining it and why we use it. Check it out here.